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Thomas Fire

As everyone in the Santa Barbara area is aware, the south coast is experiencing severe fires and unhealthy air quality from the smoke. Wolfe & Associates is working with residents and the community to help keep everyone aware of the latest information. At this point, none of our managed properties are threatened, and none of our employees' homes are in immediate danger.

If you are in an affected area, stay alert for evacuation alerts and leave immediately when asked to do so. If you have a landline telephone, you are automatically subscribed to phone alerts. If you do not have a landline telephone, go to http://awareandprepare.org to register to receive emergency alerts. Fire can move quickly, so stay aware of conditions and don’t wait for an evacuation notice if you believe you are in danger.

Current information about the Thomas Fire, including evacuations and warnings, as well as news and announcements, is available on the County of Santa Barbara website.

Smoke is a serious health hazard, especially for children, seniors, and those with compromised health. Take precautions and stay indoors. If you must go out, get an N95 face mask and wear it. It may not be the most fashionable, but it is the smart thing to do. Masks are available at some local hardware stores and are being distributed free of charge from many community locations.